VT500X Waterproof eXtreme Omni Lavalier Microphone 

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Extreme situations - don't bother about water anymore.


► Colors: Punkt beige Rand Kopie (other colors on request)

► Generating Element: Omni (Sensitivity: max. -79dB)

► IPX-8 certificated = 1 m under water for 24 hours

► resistant cable


Application area: Theatre/Film - Broadcast - Industrial applications


In a lot of theatre performances, musicals or broadcast productions, water comes in play. This is not only a challenge for the performers but also for the microphones.

Based on the worldwide success of the existing IPX7 certificated waterproof versions VT500WATER and VT500WA Water Adventure Voice Technologies developed the VT500X eXtreme. With some special production steps it is possible to seal the microphones to the point when they can even endure submersion without taking damage.

The VT500X eXtreme provides even more protection against water and is IPX-8 certified (1m under water for 24 hours) and has a sensitivity of max. -79dB (VT500 or VT500WATER = -59dB). Beside of the maximum capsule protection it has a reinforced cable against sweat, cuts and tearing. This microphone is the ideal solution for the toughest outdoor shoots and stage applications. The waterproof designs proof advantageous even when no larger amounts of water are included in the production, as they also protect the electronics from sweat!

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Film trip with VT500X

Matt Maddaloni:

"I just finished a scouting and filming trip into North America's deepest cave Bisaro Anima. The 3 day underground trip consisted of 14km of crawling and squeezing through mud filled passages and 1.5 km of rappels and ascending. I had your VTX-500 Extreme mounted to the helmet of our hero Katie Graham. She dove underwater in the sump to 15 feet at the bottom of the cave and wore the microphone throughout the entire cave. It never failed! The audio is amazing and I wanted to thank you. This mission was to take dive tanks of air and more equipment to the bottom to prepare for a 2 hour dive on the next trip. We are planning to go back on November 23rd for 7 more days underground and push the cave deeper. Our film is for a large network here in North America and this story will be the main component."  





Grant Thompson (Link: https://www.grantthompsonfilms.com) / Award-winning filmmaker

I was thrilled to be able to use my VT500X Voice Technology lavalier microphones on another water film, a portrait of the legendary surfer Gerry Lopez. For those who don’t know him, Gerry is a combination of Yoda and Michael Jordan for the surfing world.

For this project, I used the microphones to do interviews in the water with Gerry and his friends, and then I left the microphone on Gerry for his whole session to record whatever would happen. For me, this was one of the most crucial elements of the film and the verité sound we gathered was instrumental in building the final scene.

After researching and reaching out to all the comparable brands in waterproof sound, I have been tremendously impressed by VT’s goal to create products which push the boundaries of recording sound in the most extreme water environments.

VT500X 1

VT500X 2