The VT1126 Phantom adapter of Voice Technologies is a small tool that allows hardwired use of lavalier microphones.

  • vt1126
  • vt1126




It converts Phantom 48V to electret power and outputs the audio as an electronically balanced signal.

Range of models with standard sockets to fit the plugs:

  • VT1126-TA3/A for TA3 (AKG)
  • VT1126-TA4/S for TA4 (Shure)
  • VT1126-TA5/L for TA5 (Lectrosonics)
  • VT1126-AL6P for Audio Limited 6Pin
  • VT1126-M6P for Micron Explorer with 6Pin
  • VT1126-M8P for Micron 8Pin System
  • VT1126-SK5 for Sennheiser SK50/3000/5000
  • VT1126-S1P for Sennheiser 1 Pin
  • VT1126-S3.5 for Sennheiser Evolution G2 System




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