Voice Technologies introduces Interview Kit VT506Mobile at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam

published February 2020

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With the Interview Kit VT506Mobile, Voice Technologies presents a broadcast quality bundle for mobile speech recording. The Swiss microphone specialist already has the VT506Mobile available, a high-quality lapel microphone for use with smartphones. The Interview Kit bundles two of these microphones as a matched pair with a measured variance of 1 dB or below, with an adapter for recording two people at the same time at identical levels on one smartphone. Mobile journalists, podcasters and Youtubers get the chance to record interviews and segments with multiple speakers in broadcast quality with little effort. Voice Technologies will showcase the Interview Kit VT506Mobile at ISE 2020 from 11th to 14th February 2020 at booth 7-E220.

The smartphone has become an important tool for journalists. For producing professional level speech segments like interviews, talking head videos and more, Voice Technologies now offers the popular VT506Mobile as an Interview Kit. This enables the recording of two speakers at identical levels on a smartphone, eradicating the need for extensive editing in post-production. Plug-and-play functionality makes the Interview Kit VT506 Mobile directly available in all of the important recording apps.

Broadcast quality condenser microphone made in Switzerland
Voice Technologies microphones in general and the VT506 models in particular are revered by audio professionals, especially in the fields of stage production, theatre and broadcast. The VT506Mobile miniature microphone can be connected to the jack input of the mobile device and is immediately available after connecting – perfect for the smartphone generation.

Professional interview sound
The VT506 microphones are characterised by their outstanding sonic qualities. A small emphasis at 10 kHz optimises intelligibility even when the microphone is worn underneath clothes. The 2.5 metre cable provides enough freedom of movement for most situations. It has been specifically developed to achieve high durability, elasticity and noise suppression standards, efficiently reducing noise generated by motion.

Recordings in peak quality using a Smartphone
With the Interview Kit VT506Mobile, Voice Technologies presents a complete set for high-quality interview audio recordings. The most important elements are the microphones: two VT506Mobile are part of the bundle to capture the contributions of the journalist and their interview partner in first-class quality. The microphones are attached to shirt, blouse or lapel with the included alligator clips while windscreens reject breathing noises. Connection to the smartphone is established through a special adapter that connects both microphones and a set of headphones for use in any app (allowing an external microphone). This compact interview set can be carried in its small transport case at all times – equipping journalists for spontaneous recordings at any time.