Voice Technologies VT Switch features quick microphone capsule changes for theatre, opera and musical

published June 2019

VTswitch front

For theatre, opera or musical performances, microphones are often painstakingly integrated into the stage outfit. With the new headset microphone VT Switch by Voice Technologies, changing the capsule is still possible when the actress or actor is already in full make-up and costume. Be it for switching the directivity or for rectifying a technical issue, with VT Switch the capsule can be exchanged in no time during the performance.

Flexible and versatile through switchable capsules
Voice Technologies developed the VT Switch headset microphone to allow for a quick response when problems occur on theatre and opera stages. The robust, lightweight headset is connected to the electret condenser capsule through a screw thread mechanism. The capsule can thus be switched quickly and easily – to exchange the supplied omnidirectional mic for the optional cardioid capsule, adjusting the directivity to the situation at hand, for example.

Easy switching even in difficult conditions
To change the capsule of the VT Switch by Voice Technologies, performers do not need to be rewired, the headset, often intricately integrated into the costume, remains in place. Within seconds, the new capsule is perfectly positioned, while make-up and costume remain untouched and do not require mending by make-up artists and costume designers. Switching the microphone’s directivity is possible until the performer enters the stage. Even malfunction or loss of signal due to make-up blocking the mic can be resolved easily and within seconds with the VT Switch.                  

Perfect size for everyone
Voice Technologies is known for the outstanding sound quality of its microphones. For optimum performance, every mic needs to be positioned perfectly. The VT Switch can be modified for every wearer through a special neckband, ensuring best wearing comfort and secure fit. The boom length is variable on customer’s demand. That way, the VT Switch can be optimized for every user.                                                                                     

Maximum reliability through integrated redundancy

As an optional failsafe feature, Voice Technologies integrates an additional, redundant lavalier microphone into the VT Switch. If the microphone were to fail, the lavalier acts as a fallback system, ensuring sound transmission. This kind of safety net can save a live show, from theatre to TV broadcasting.