The reference for resistance: New white models of the waterproof Voice Technologies lavalier microphones VT500WA and VT506WA

published April 2017

Voice Technologies introduce white variations of their VT500WA and VT506WA lavalier microphones at the Prolight + Sound 2017 convention from April 4th to April 7th in Frankfurt, Germany. The microphones defy even the most challenging conditions: They convey speech in pristine sound quality while built into a particularly sturdy shell, equipped with a sweat-, cut- and tear-resistant cables – and are water-resistant to boot! Even temporary submersion does not harm the IPX7 certified microphones in the least. Users can rely on the VT500WA and VT506WA to deliver the best possible performance in all circumstances. For situations when a black microphone would stand out too much, Voice Technologies now offers both Water Adventure microphones with a discreet white finish.

With regards to clip-on microphones, expectations are diverse. Apart from impeccable sound transmission, visual factors play a major role for TV productions in particular. Consequently, Swiss microphone specialist Voice Technologies presents its Water Adventure microphones VT500WA and VT506WA at Prolight + Sound 2017 with a white finish for use with bright clothing. The microphones’ qualities remain unchanged: The superb sounding capsule is protected by a solid shell, the cable is extraordinarily robust and even water cannot harm the microphones.

The new white versions of the Voice Technologies lavalier clip-on microphones VT500WA and VT506WA can be attached to bright clothing without attracting attention. The choice between black and white variations of the microphones offers the possibility to react on the spot to the requirements of a specific production. On white shirts or blouses, the white VT500WA and VT506WA are almost entirely invisible.

Apart from sound and visuals, reliability is key when choosing microphones for broadcasting purposes. Voice Technologies VT500WA and VT506WA meet this demand even in wet conditions, as guaranteed by the IPX7 certificate. Shows at the waterside, in wet weather or even just during cooking shows, the microphones continue to operate reliable even during temporary submersion. A sudden downpour or careless handling of the water tap pose no harm to audio transmission.

Just like the capsule is protected against shock and water, the cable is resistant against sweat, cuts and tearing. The sturdy cable guarantees reliable connection even when treated roughly and considerably decreases cost and effort for maintenance and repairs during prolonged use.