Voice Technologies presents VT DUPLEX CARDIOID: Water-protected miniature cardioid headset for stage and broadcast

published August 2016

Creating unique miniature microphones with Swiss precision: Voice Technologies is known for innovative microphone solutions that were developed in cooperation with highly skilled professionals for practical applications. The company unveils its first miniature headset with a cardioid polar pattern, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID, at the IBC 2016. The renowned open character and the high sensitivity offer a great alternative to the already available models featuring an omnidirectional polar pattern. In addition, the sophisticated manufacturing process results in a water-resistant design, allowing the headset to be used for productions in challenging environments. The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID continues the tradition of the acclaimed VT DUPLEX and delivers unrivalled wearing comfort. Durable components ensure many years of reliable operation on stage and for broadcast applications.

Voice Technologies always had a close connection to professionals all around the globe. Having their finger on the pulse of the market, Voice Technologies develops unique solutions for practical applications. The demand for a miniature headset featuring a cardioid polar pattern was first brought to the attention of the Swiss company a few years ago – and the requests kept coming in. But the manufacturing of the product was preceded by intense research and development: Creating a cardioid miniature microphone with stable polar pattern requires rigorous testing – especially when the product has to meet the strict quality standards of Voice Technologies.

For the production, Voice Technologies uses the same sophisticated injection-moulding process that is employed for their other miniature microphones. This results in a durable product that the user can enjoy for many years. It also offers unique protection against water. This means the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be used even in challenging environments.

The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID features a microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern. It creates the open and clear cardioid sound image that is highly valued around the globe. Whether it is on stage or for broadcast applications – the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID shines in all kinds of situations. But professional users appreciate more than just the famed sound: The high sensitivity, capturing every nuance, is also a big factor when choosing this microphone. For the best performance in every application, a windscreen reduces plosives and other unwanted interferences. In addition, a custom-made spacer prevents noise through contact.

The ergonomic headband design ensures a perfect fit for heads of any shape. By choosing the right size, either S/M or L/XL, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be matched to every user. The result is a secure fit and maximum wearing comfort. Depending on the individual requirements, the microphone can be worn either on the left or the right side. An interchangeable cable with threaded joint offers great durability and flexibility, especially for the use with different wireless transmitters.