Voice Technologies introduces VT DUPLEX Headworn microphone with two ear hooks for high motion performances

published April 2015

With the VT901 MKII, Voice Technologies introduced a successful headworn microphone for speech and vocal recordings. The miniature microphone secured itself a permanent place on the equipment lists of many renowned audio professionals who give invaluable feedback based on their daily work. This information lead to the development of the VT DUPLEX, featuring two ear hooks that surround both ears for an even more secure hold.

The new design of the headband guarantees a perfect fit for any shape of head. It comes in two different sizes and can be adjusted perfectly to the stature of the wearer. This ensures secure hold and highest comfort for the wearer. In addition, the microphone can be worn both left and right depending on preference. The shape of the ear hooks is the result of extensive development: They are surrounding the wearers ear, offering maximum comfort. The materials used for the production of the headphone are specifically selected to minimise unwanted noise that can occur when wearing ear studs for example. A flexible gooseneck allows the perfect positioning of the microphone for optimum recording of speech and vocals.

The VT DUPLEX is based on the successful VT901 MKII. Consequently, the new model featuring two ear hooks comes with the same outstanding acoustic properties, ensuring highest sound quality for speech and vocals. The frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz transmits the complete bandwidth recognized by the human ear. The VT DUPLEX has an omni-directional polar pattern that is perfectly suited to reliably capture the wearers voice in any situation.

The excellent sound combined with secure hold and unique wearing comfort makes the VT DUPLEX the first choice for stage, broadcast productions and presentations. The exchangeable cable makes transport and individual customization extremely easy.