Voice Technologies VT901 MKII: Introducing the advanced version of the successful earhanger microphone, nominated for the German Design Award 2015

published August 2014

The Swiss company Voice Technologies, specialising in miniature microphones, presents the VT901 MKII – an extremely light earhanger microphone that offers exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort for broadcast and live situations. The successor of the award-winning VT901 has been developed based on extensive customer feedback - the cable now runs directly along the head of the user. This makes it even more discreet when being used on stage, during broadcast productions and for presentations, without affecting the ergonomic design. The unique style of the VT901 MKII has won over users and experts alike: The earhanger microphone has been nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

Since Voice Technologies introduced the VT901 about a year ago, the discreet earhanger microphone has successfully made a name for itself throughout the audio community. It has proved itself during numerous broadcast productions and live situations. In addition to natural sound and great presence for speech and vocals, it was developed with superb wearing comfort in mind.

The improved model VT901 MKII was developed based on the wishes and suggestions of customers, which Voice Technologies constantly evaluates. The successor of the earhanger microphone features an improved cable run that has been requested by numerous professional users. The cable now runs directly along the head of the wearer, making it even more discreet. In combination with the perfect fit, the VT901 MKII becomes nearly invisible when being worn.

Thanks to its qualities, the VT901 has already earned a permanent spot on the equipment list of many renowned audio experts. “During my work as a sound engineer, consultant and sound engineering coach for live sound, I have to deal with experienced as well as inexperienced public speakers at many events, conferences and in churches”, David Powles explains. The audio specialist was responsible for the sound during concerts and tours of artists such as Pink Floyd, Genesis und Frank Sinatra. “Microphones that aren’t easy to handle – and there’s plenty of them – don’t last long in my microphone selection. However, I always keep the Voice Technologies VT901, along with some microphones double the price, in my mike case, as an excellent sounding and reliable implement. Also, many speakers have commented on how comfortable they are to wear.”

“I have used the VT901 successfully during numerous TV productions”, adds Swiss sound engineer Raymond Anderegg. “I especially like the sturdiness as well as the comfortable fit for the protagonist. The discreet design makes it nearly invisible. In addition, a quick hook-up is vital for TV productions – a requirement the VT901 meets perfectly.”