Voice Technologies VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure Series: Resistance redefined – Waterproof lavalier microphones with ultra-robust cable for use in the harshest conditions

published April 2014

Microphones for the toughest daily productions in the world - with the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, Voice Technologies presents the worlds first ultra- resilient, waterproof lavalier microphone delivering the best voice quality even under the most adverse conditions. In addition to the capsule protection they have an extremely reinforced cable against sweat, cuts and tearing. As an IPX-7 certified microphone they even endure temporary water submersion. The Water Adventure Series is based on the highly regarded VT500WATER and VT506WATER mics and are particularly suitable for demanding applications such as punishing day-to-day production, sports, rental houses or for environmentally ruthless outdoor shoots.

Whether you’re filming a climb of Mt. Everest, documenting a kayaking experience on the Tatshenshini River or airing a competitive sailing regatta - professional audio equipment must perform flawlessly under the most adverse conditions. With the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, the Swiss microphone specialist Voice Technologies presents an advancement of the popular VT500WATER. The new models are not only waterproof, but furthermore equipped with an extremely robust, sweat-, cut- and tear resistant cable. Herewith Voice Technologies offers the world’s first lavalier microphone that reliably offers impeccable voice quality coupled with such extreme-worthy construction.

The new Adventure models are also IPX-7 certified, just like the VT500WATER, which guarantees the water resistance of the lavalier microphones. They even withstand temporary submersion without damage. This qualifies the VT500WA and VT506WA especially for use at events in and around water. Additionally they are the best choice under difficult weather conditions, when reliable communication is crucial.

Voice Technologies has equipped the Water Adventure Series with a completely new and extremely robust cable. At approximately 50% stronger than our standard cable, it will survive more severe punishment and greatly extend the mics lifespan when mounted on sweaty athletes and performers.