Press Release VT600D

Voice Technologies VT600D earphones offer maximum hygiene and great flexibility with an exchangeable ear tube

published January 2021

interviewkit 1

In close cooperation with a television station, Voice Technologies has added the VT600D to its successful VT600 series – an earphone that uses a flexible spiral tube to deliver sound to the ears. Since the tube can easily be changed via a click lock, this allows multiple listeners to use the same driver module. Especially in security and broadcast applications, where receivers are often used by multiple people, the VT600D enables reliable compliance with current hygiene requirements at maximum cost efficiency. The long transparent spiral tube also allows the VT600D to remain almost invisible.

In broadcasting and security services, receivers are often worn by multiple users. The VT600D from Swiss manufacturer Voice Technologies carries the audio signals via an easily exchangeable sound tube with an integrated earpiece. The ability to simply swap end pieces ensures best possible hygiene without having to purchase multiple receivers.

VT600D with exchangeable ear tube
The VT600 earphones from Voice Technologies are well-known in demanding broadcast, theatre and security sectors due to their outstanding combination of wearing comfort, high-quality sound and unobtrusive design. The VT600D is a special version that adds even more flexibility by introducing an exchangeable sound tube. This way, the driver can – for example – be mounted on the wearer's clothing in the neck area. The high-quality tube, which is almost invisible due to its transparent material, transfers the audio to the ear. A practical click lock ensures a firm connection to the driver. This design makes it easy to change the earpiece for different purposes like thorough cleaning without having to replace the entire receiver.

Best possible hygiene for broadcast and security
Hygiene has always been an important factor when it comes to the health of employees and reliable operation. This can be challenging especially in broadcast and security environments, as receivers are often worn by multiple users. The VT600D solves this problem by offering each user an individual earpiece along with a sound tube. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple receivers while still ensuring the best possible hygiene – at maximum cost efficiency.

The ideal product for every application
Constant exchange with international audio professionals from the theatre, broadcast and security sectors allows Voice Technologies to offer tailor-made solutions for any challenge. The VT60M miniature earphone features a driver that is directly integrated into the earpiece. This enables a virtually invisible installation with an ultra-thin and skin-colored supply cable. The VT600, as the base model for the VT600D, employs an external transducer and transmits the information to the ear through a tube. The interchangeable earpieces ensure a high degree of flexibility. It is also available with a spiral tube as VT600C/H.


Press Release Interview Kit

Voice Technologies introduces Interview Kit VT506Mobile at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam

published February 2020

interviewkit 1interviewkit front

With the Interview Kit VT506Mobile, Voice Technologies presents a broadcast quality bundle for mobile speech recording. The Swiss microphone specialist already has the VT506Mobile available, a high-quality lapel microphone for use with smartphones. The Interview Kit bundles two of these microphones as a matched pair with a measured variance of 1 dB or below, with an adapter for recording two people at the same time at identical levels on one smartphone. Mobile journalists, podcasters and Youtubers get the chance to record interviews and segments with multiple speakers in broadcast quality with little effort. Voice Technologies will showcase the Interview Kit VT506Mobile at ISE 2020 from 11th to 14th February 2020 at booth 7-E220.

The smartphone has become an important tool for journalists. For producing professional level speech segments like interviews, talking head videos and more, Voice Technologies now offers the popular VT506Mobile as an Interview Kit. This enables the recording of two speakers at identical levels on a smartphone, eradicating the need for extensive editing in post-production. Plug-and-play functionality makes the Interview Kit VT506 Mobile directly available in all of the important recording apps.

Broadcast quality condenser microphone made in Switzerland
Voice Technologies microphones in general and the VT506 models in particular are revered by audio professionals, especially in the fields of stage production, theatre and broadcast. The VT506Mobile miniature microphone can be connected to the jack input of the mobile device and is immediately available after connecting – perfect for the smartphone generation.

Professional interview sound
The VT506 microphones are characterised by their outstanding sonic qualities. A small emphasis at 10 kHz optimises intelligibility even when the microphone is worn underneath clothes. The 2.5 metre cable provides enough freedom of movement for most situations. It has been specifically developed to achieve high durability, elasticity and noise suppression standards, efficiently reducing noise generated by motion.

Recordings in peak quality using a Smartphone
With the Interview Kit VT506Mobile, Voice Technologies presents a complete set for high-quality interview audio recordings. The most important elements are the microphones: two VT506Mobile are part of the bundle to capture the contributions of the journalist and their interview partner in first-class quality. The microphones are attached to shirt, blouse or lapel with the included alligator clips while windscreens reject breathing noises. Connection to the smartphone is established through a special adapter that connects both microphones and a set of headphones for use in any app (allowing an external microphone). This compact interview set can be carried in its small transport case at all times – equipping journalists for spontaneous recordings at any time.

Press Release VT SWITCH

Voice Technologies VT Switch features quick microphone capsule changes for theatre, opera and musical

published June 2019

VTswitch front

For theatre, opera or musical performances, microphones are often painstakingly integrated into the stage outfit. With the new headset microphone VT Switch by Voice Technologies, changing the capsule is still possible when the actress or actor is already in full make-up and costume. Be it for switching the directivity or for rectifying a technical issue, with VT Switch the capsule can be exchanged in no time during the performance.

Flexible and versatile through switchable capsules
Voice Technologies developed the VT Switch headset microphone to allow for a quick response when problems occur on theatre and opera stages. The robust, lightweight headset is connected to the electret condenser capsule through a screw thread mechanism. The capsule can thus be switched quickly and easily – to exchange the supplied omnidirectional mic for the optional cardioid capsule, adjusting the directivity to the situation at hand, for example.

Easy switching even in difficult conditions
To change the capsule of the VT Switch by Voice Technologies, performers do not need to be rewired, the headset, often intricately integrated into the costume, remains in place. Within seconds, the new capsule is perfectly positioned, while make-up and costume remain untouched and do not require mending by make-up artists and costume designers. Switching the microphone’s directivity is possible until the performer enters the stage. Even malfunction or loss of signal due to make-up blocking the mic can be resolved easily and within seconds with the VT Switch.                  

Perfect size for everyone
Voice Technologies is known for the outstanding sound quality of its microphones. For optimum performance, every mic needs to be positioned perfectly. The VT Switch can be modified for every wearer through a special neckband, ensuring best wearing comfort and secure fit. The boom length is variable on customer’s demand. That way, the VT Switch can be optimized for every user.                                                                                     

Maximum reliability through integrated redundancy

As an optional failsafe feature, Voice Technologies integrates an additional, redundant lavalier microphone into the VT Switch. If the microphone were to fail, the lavalier acts as a fallback system, ensuring sound transmission. This kind of safety net can save a live show, from theatre to TV broadcasting.


Press Release VT500WATER

The Swiss miniature microphone-specialist Voice Technologies presents the VT500WATER - a waterproof version of the popular VT500 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone:

published: September 2011

The Swiss miniature microphone-specialist Voice Technologies presents the VT500WATER - a waterproof version of the popular VT500 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone.  The extremely smooth sound of the VT500 is well maintained while successfully achieving an IPX-7 protection rating against the harmful ingress of water.  The IPX-7 Certification is the second highest rank of the official IP Code rating system in accordance with the International Standard IEC 60529 for water resistance.  It even allows for temporary submergence of the microphone without compromise, enabling very flexible applications in the broadcast, film and performance areas.  Also at sport events, the VT500WATER is used, f.e. it could proof it’s excellent speech quality at tough condition on the America’s Cup World Series AC45 wing-sailed catamarans.

The superb water resistance of the VT500WATER was accomplished due to a distinct molding injection treatment.  The Zurich enterprise relies on a special solid plastic to withstand the harsh conditions of daily production environments.

The sound basis for the VT500WATER is the popular VT500 that is widely acclaimed to be among the best sounding professional Omni lavalier microphones available.  A complete illustration of the frequency response is provided and boasts a frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz with low self-noise.  The voice reproduction reaches a faithful and present speech frequency due to a slight accentuation.  Thanks to their unique flexible cable (1.5 m x 1.5 mm diameter) rubbing and handling noises are greatly reduced.  The VT500WATER like all VT lavalier microphones can be fitted with connections for virtually any wireless transmitter or professional mixer on the market.
Along with the water resistant VTO transport box, the microphone includes a windscreen as well as three mounting clips (Alligator, Tie Tac and Dracula).  A holder made out of skin friendly plastic allows you to mount directly onto the body underneath clothing.


Press Release VT500WA and VT506WA in white

The reference for resistance: New white models of the waterproof Voice Technologies lavalier microphones VT500WA and VT506WA

published April 2017

Voice Technologies introduce white variations of their VT500WA and VT506WA lavalier microphones at the Prolight + Sound 2017 convention from April 4th to April 7th in Frankfurt, Germany. The microphones defy even the most challenging conditions: They convey speech in pristine sound quality while built into a particularly sturdy shell, equipped with a sweat-, cut- and tear-resistant cables – and are water-resistant to boot! Even temporary submersion does not harm the IPX7 certified microphones in the least. Users can rely on the VT500WA and VT506WA to deliver the best possible performance in all circumstances. For situations when a black microphone would stand out too much, Voice Technologies now offers both Water Adventure microphones with a discreet white finish.

With regards to clip-on microphones, expectations are diverse. Apart from impeccable sound transmission, visual factors play a major role for TV productions in particular. Consequently, Swiss microphone specialist Voice Technologies presents its Water Adventure microphones VT500WA and VT506WA at Prolight + Sound 2017 with a white finish for use with bright clothing. The microphones’ qualities remain unchanged: The superb sounding capsule is protected by a solid shell, the cable is extraordinarily robust and even water cannot harm the microphones.

The new white versions of the Voice Technologies lavalier clip-on microphones VT500WA and VT506WA can be attached to bright clothing without attracting attention. The choice between black and white variations of the microphones offers the possibility to react on the spot to the requirements of a specific production. On white shirts or blouses, the white VT500WA and VT506WA are almost entirely invisible.

Apart from sound and visuals, reliability is key when choosing microphones for broadcasting purposes. Voice Technologies VT500WA and VT506WA meet this demand even in wet conditions, as guaranteed by the IPX7 certificate. Shows at the waterside, in wet weather or even just during cooking shows, the microphones continue to operate reliable even during temporary submersion. A sudden downpour or careless handling of the water tap pose no harm to audio transmission.

Just like the capsule is protected against shock and water, the cable is resistant against sweat, cuts and tearing. The sturdy cable guarantees reliable connection even when treated roughly and considerably decreases cost and effort for maintenance and repairs during prolonged use.


Voice Technologies presents VT DUPLEX CARDIOID: Water-protected miniature cardioid headset for stage and broadcast

published August 2016

Creating unique miniature microphones with Swiss precision: Voice Technologies is known for innovative microphone solutions that were developed in cooperation with highly skilled professionals for practical applications. The company unveils its first miniature headset with a cardioid polar pattern, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID, at the IBC 2016. The renowned open character and the high sensitivity offer a great alternative to the already available models featuring an omnidirectional polar pattern. In addition, the sophisticated manufacturing process results in a water-resistant design, allowing the headset to be used for productions in challenging environments. The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID continues the tradition of the acclaimed VT DUPLEX and delivers unrivalled wearing comfort. Durable components ensure many years of reliable operation on stage and for broadcast applications.

Voice Technologies always had a close connection to professionals all around the globe. Having their finger on the pulse of the market, Voice Technologies develops unique solutions for practical applications. The demand for a miniature headset featuring a cardioid polar pattern was first brought to the attention of the Swiss company a few years ago – and the requests kept coming in. But the manufacturing of the product was preceded by intense research and development: Creating a cardioid miniature microphone with stable polar pattern requires rigorous testing – especially when the product has to meet the strict quality standards of Voice Technologies.

For the production, Voice Technologies uses the same sophisticated injection-moulding process that is employed for their other miniature microphones. This results in a durable product that the user can enjoy for many years. It also offers unique protection against water. This means the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be used even in challenging environments.

The VT DUPLEX CARDIOID features a microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern. It creates the open and clear cardioid sound image that is highly valued around the globe. Whether it is on stage or for broadcast applications – the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID shines in all kinds of situations. But professional users appreciate more than just the famed sound: The high sensitivity, capturing every nuance, is also a big factor when choosing this microphone. For the best performance in every application, a windscreen reduces plosives and other unwanted interferences. In addition, a custom-made spacer prevents noise through contact.

The ergonomic headband design ensures a perfect fit for heads of any shape. By choosing the right size, either S/M or L/XL, the VT DUPLEX CARDIOID can be matched to every user. The result is a secure fit and maximum wearing comfort. Depending on the individual requirements, the microphone can be worn either on the left or the right side. An interchangeable cable with threaded joint offers great durability and flexibility, especially for the use with different wireless transmitters.

Press Release VT506MOBILE

Voice Technologies VT506Mobile: The professional Miniature Microphone for the Generation Smartphone

published December 2015

The photo and video technology in modern Smartphones has made remarkable progress: nowadays Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and others deliver impressive Ultra-HD 4K videos in brilliant quality. What has not changed in the same extent is the sound pickup quality on these devices. TV and film productions worldwide are already using the well-known VT506 lavalier microphone from Voice Technologies. Now this popular VT506 is also available as VT506MOBILE, adapted to the current generation of Smartphones. Because it is certain – moving picture needs the best sound. Whether it’s for Social Media videos like YouTube or Vimeo, reports, Talking-Head interviews, private recordings or as a backup for sound engineers - only the perfect sound makes the video complete.

The VT506MOBILE is a high-quality professional microphone with Broadcast quality. It has a rising frequency response to assure speech intelligibility and works brilliant even when used under-clothing. The cable is flexible and has excellent isolation from rubbing noise. The length of the cable is 2.5 meters also being ideal for interviews. It has a 3.5mm TRRS connector and is thus compatible with nearly all Smartphones and Tablets. Just plug-in and go! The VT506MOBILE records precise so that the difference to the internal microphone is amazing.

Since 1998 Voice Technologies has inspired and convinced professional users worldwide with their unique miniature microphones. The VT506MOBILE with a size of 13 x 7 x 3.5 millimeters and a weight of 10 grams is more than ultra-compact. This enables the users to concentrate on their video project instead of being concerned with the mic being intrusive in the shot.

As the VT506, the VT506Mobile is produced in Switzerland. The housing is based on an ultra-robust synthetic material that even withstands rigorous outdoor activities. It is produced with a special molding injection technique for complete assurance.

Press Release VT DUPLEX

Voice Technologies introduces VT DUPLEX Headworn microphone with two ear hooks for high motion performances

published April 2015

With the VT901 MKII, Voice Technologies introduced a successful headworn microphone for speech and vocal recordings. The miniature microphone secured itself a permanent place on the equipment lists of many renowned audio professionals who give invaluable feedback based on their daily work. This information lead to the development of the VT DUPLEX, featuring two ear hooks that surround both ears for an even more secure hold.

The new design of the headband guarantees a perfect fit for any shape of head. It comes in two different sizes and can be adjusted perfectly to the stature of the wearer. This ensures secure hold and highest comfort for the wearer. In addition, the microphone can be worn both left and right depending on preference. The shape of the ear hooks is the result of extensive development: They are surrounding the wearers ear, offering maximum comfort. The materials used for the production of the headphone are specifically selected to minimise unwanted noise that can occur when wearing ear studs for example. A flexible gooseneck allows the perfect positioning of the microphone for optimum recording of speech and vocals.

The VT DUPLEX is based on the successful VT901 MKII. Consequently, the new model featuring two ear hooks comes with the same outstanding acoustic properties, ensuring highest sound quality for speech and vocals. The frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz transmits the complete bandwidth recognized by the human ear. The VT DUPLEX has an omni-directional polar pattern that is perfectly suited to reliably capture the wearers voice in any situation.

The excellent sound combined with secure hold and unique wearing comfort makes the VT DUPLEX the first choice for stage, broadcast productions and presentations. The exchangeable cable makes transport and individual customization extremely easy.

Press Release VT403WA

Voice Technologies VT403WA: Waterproof Lavalier Microphone with ultra-robust cable

published March 2015

With the VT403WA, Voice Technologies introduces a newly developed version of the successful stage microphone VT403. The company used its expertise in creating miniature microphones to answer numerous requests for a compact microphone that offers excellent voice recording even at high sound pressure levels and at the same time extremely resilient and waterproof.

Based on the VT403, the VT403WA was developed for the stage as well as for film and broadcast productions. It is perfectly suited for recording speech and vocals, offering an open and clear sound. The sub-miniature microphone capsule features an omni-directional polar pattern and can be used at any volume: It offers very low inherent noise and minimal distortion even at high sound pressure levels.

On stage, during presentations and on the sets of broadcast productions, a discreet appearance is as essential as excellent sound. The VT403WA is extremely compact and can be worn nearly invisible. The microphone is delivered with different clips (AC4 Alligator Clip, DM4 Dracula Clip and MMC4 Miniature Magnetic Clip) for unobtrusive attachment that does not impede the wearer’s movements. When used in combination with a wireless body pack transmitter, this guarantees full mobility on stage. Also included is the new Wsi Miniature Windscreen, reliably eliminating wind noise while being nearly invisible.

The new “Water Adventure” version of the VT403WA was created with emphasis on demanding circumstances on stage and during productions. The robust, waterproof casing can even withstand being submerged for short periods, making it the right choice when working close to water, for example during sporting events. It is also perfectly suited for open-air operations in any weather. In addition, the resilient cable is reinforced against sweat, cuts and tearing, guaranteeing a reliable connection.

Press Release VT901MKII

Voice Technologies VT901 MKII: Introducing the advanced version of the successful earhanger microphone, nominated for the German Design Award 2015

published August 2014

The Swiss company Voice Technologies, specialising in miniature microphones, presents the VT901 MKII – an extremely light earhanger microphone that offers exceptional voice transmission and superb wearing comfort for broadcast and live situations. The successor of the award-winning VT901 has been developed based on extensive customer feedback - the cable now runs directly along the head of the user. This makes it even more discreet when being used on stage, during broadcast productions and for presentations, without affecting the ergonomic design. The unique style of the VT901 MKII has won over users and experts alike: The earhanger microphone has been nominated for the German Design Award 2015.

Since Voice Technologies introduced the VT901 about a year ago, the discreet earhanger microphone has successfully made a name for itself throughout the audio community. It has proved itself during numerous broadcast productions and live situations. In addition to natural sound and great presence for speech and vocals, it was developed with superb wearing comfort in mind.

The improved model VT901 MKII was developed based on the wishes and suggestions of customers, which Voice Technologies constantly evaluates. The successor of the earhanger microphone features an improved cable run that has been requested by numerous professional users. The cable now runs directly along the head of the wearer, making it even more discreet. In combination with the perfect fit, the VT901 MKII becomes nearly invisible when being worn.

Thanks to its qualities, the VT901 has already earned a permanent spot on the equipment list of many renowned audio experts. “During my work as a sound engineer, consultant and sound engineering coach for live sound, I have to deal with experienced as well as inexperienced public speakers at many events, conferences and in churches”, David Powles explains. The audio specialist was responsible for the sound during concerts and tours of artists such as Pink Floyd, Genesis und Frank Sinatra. “Microphones that aren’t easy to handle – and there’s plenty of them – don’t last long in my microphone selection. However, I always keep the Voice Technologies VT901, along with some microphones double the price, in my mike case, as an excellent sounding and reliable implement. Also, many speakers have commented on how comfortable they are to wear.”

“I have used the VT901 successfully during numerous TV productions”, adds Swiss sound engineer Raymond Anderegg. “I especially like the sturdiness as well as the comfortable fit for the protagonist. The discreet design makes it nearly invisible. In addition, a quick hook-up is vital for TV productions – a requirement the VT901 meets perfectly.”

Press Release VT500WA and VT506WA

Voice Technologies VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure Series: Resistance redefined – Waterproof lavalier microphones with ultra-robust cable for use in the harshest conditions

published April 2014

Microphones for the toughest daily productions in the world - with the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, Voice Technologies presents the worlds first ultra- resilient, waterproof lavalier microphone delivering the best voice quality even under the most adverse conditions. In addition to the capsule protection they have an extremely reinforced cable against sweat, cuts and tearing. As an IPX-7 certified microphone they even endure temporary water submersion. The Water Adventure Series is based on the highly regarded VT500WATER and VT506WATER mics and are particularly suitable for demanding applications such as punishing day-to-day production, sports, rental houses or for environmentally ruthless outdoor shoots.

Whether you’re filming a climb of Mt. Everest, documenting a kayaking experience on the Tatshenshini River or airing a competitive sailing regatta - professional audio equipment must perform flawlessly under the most adverse conditions. With the VT500WA and VT506WA Water Adventure, the Swiss microphone specialist Voice Technologies presents an advancement of the popular VT500WATER. The new models are not only waterproof, but furthermore equipped with an extremely robust, sweat-, cut- and tear resistant cable. Herewith Voice Technologies offers the world’s first lavalier microphone that reliably offers impeccable voice quality coupled with such extreme-worthy construction.

The new Adventure models are also IPX-7 certified, just like the VT500WATER, which guarantees the water resistance of the lavalier microphones. They even withstand temporary submersion without damage. This qualifies the VT500WA and VT506WA especially for use at events in and around water. Additionally they are the best choice under difficult weather conditions, when reliable communication is crucial.

Voice Technologies has equipped the Water Adventure Series with a completely new and extremely robust cable. At approximately 50% stronger than our standard cable, it will survive more severe punishment and greatly extend the mics lifespan when mounted on sweaty athletes and performers. 

Press Release VT901

Discreet Design meets perfect fitting: Voice Technologies presents Earhanger-Microphone VT901 for stage, Broadcast and presentations

published August 2013

With the VT901 Voice Technologies presents a new earhanger microphone with exceptional voice transmission in a discreet and nearly invisible design. It boasts a specialized super-miniature omni capsule producing very natural speech and vocals making it ideal for broadcast and stage. Speakers, actors and singers benefit from having full freedom of movement. The soft “spiral ear fastener” gives any user the perfect fit every time without the fear of it slipping off.

The VT901 can be worn either on the left or the right ear. The high wearing comfort is achieved through the low weight as well as through its very flexible material; thus the microphone is comfortable even after many hours.

The cable is removable and can be easily exchanged to swap connectivity between different wireless systems. This must-have design feature for rental houses also benefits individual users who have backup wireless systems by different brands. The spiral ear-wrap section can be exchanged as well.


Press Release VT800


published June 2013

A clear voice recording is possible even in noisy surroundings. The company Afinion, who is a leading manufacturer of voice control solutions, recommends the VT800 Cardioid.  Furthermore, leading PA rental companies throughout Europe work with the universal VT microphone.

With their Software ProVokale the Swiss company Afinion offers an innovative solution to operate the machine by voice. These devices used in many industrial application areas can be controlled “hands free” with spoken commands. It is important to speak clearly without any disturbing noise, which is why Afinion has selected the VT800 as the perfect Microphone for their software. “The VT800 is ultra light, small-sized and provides a high wearing comfort and total freedom of movement”, explains Wolfgang Springer from the Afinion Ltd.

Thomas Eklund from the company Lagom & Gott Ljud AB boasts (50) VT800 Microphones in his Swedish rental stock. “The VT800 is perfect when there is need for a microphone that is easy to take on and off by inexperienced users.”  “We consider the VT800 as a very stable headset in difficult acoustic environments and it can easily be adjusted to the comfort of each user,” explains Joacim Fagerström from Ready Sound in Sweden. This makes the Cardioid Microphone perfect for big events.

Press Release VTO Box

ROCK-SOLID: The Voice Technologies VTO Box procides reliable protection: the transport case tested by the military with lifetime warranty now also used for Earphones

published March 2013

Perfect sound - guaranteed. The VTO Box from Voice Technologies is a stable transport case in which sensitive equipment is stored and perfectly secured. Thanks to the maximal robustsness of the VTO Box it not only mastered civil but also challenging military tests. The right storage for Outdoor Shoots, Live-Shows or Sport Events. Until now Voice Technologies delivered only the Lavalier Microphones in the VTO Box. From now on the water- and impact- resistant transport case will also be used for the Earphones. A lifetime warranty of the VTO Box underlines the aspiration of Voice Technologies to deliver the equipment in the most stable box.

The professional equipment has to take in a lot during the rough everyday production-life. To ensure that your high quality Microphones and Earphones withstand the pressure without damage, Voice Technologies offers an extremely robust transport case. The box is made of ABS-Plastic for maximal robustness, stability and surface hardness as well as rigidity and impact resistance over a wide temperature range. In one word: rock solid.

How solid the box is proofs the impressive list of different tests: for example the MIL-STD-810, an Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Test of the United States Military of the SAE J575 test for dust resitance. The VTO Box is temperature-resistant from -35°C (-31°F) to +80°C (176°F).


Voice Technologies VT500WATER: IPX-7 certificated lavalier microphone for extreme situations - successful in TV-, theater and sports productions

published November 2012

Voice Technologies offers with the VT500WATER a unique water resistant lavalier microphone, ideal for Film and TV productions as well as for communication in sports areas. The IPX7-certificated, ultra robust miniature microphone is even qualified to be situated temporarily completely under water.

Especially for TV productions where the actors encounter more and more with water, the VT500WATER is perfectly suited. This proofs the successful use in the production of the TV serial „Wasserratten“ of the Swiss television. The five candidates paddled accompanied through a camera team from the spring ‘Aare’ to the Lake Constance. The sound recording has been reliably realized with the VT500WATER microphones. Also the theater of Zurich could collect experience with the lavalier microphones. On special request of this customer Voice Technologies produced a beige version of the VT500WATER.

Press Release VT106HOF

Sweat resistant microphone: Voice Technologies VT106HOF achieves perfect sound in a watertight housing

published March 2018

Microphones for use in theatre performances and musicals need to meet specific demands. They have to be as unobtrusive as possible when integrated into costumes, they need to be durable and still have to transmit voices with the best possible quality. Swiss miniature microphone specialist Voice Technologies developed the VT106HOF in cooperation with Hof theatre, addressing all these requirements.
The original impulse for the development of the VT106HOF by Voice Technologies came from Christoph Haas, sound engineer at Hof theatre. The engineer kept experiencing problems with the microphones used as they could not withstand the performers’ sweat and would fail. “Some performers would wear out up to four capsules during a show,” Haas explains and points to the tremendous financial cost caused by the situation, not to mention the embarrassment of the sound failing during a show. Even a second microphone, when integrated into the costume before the show as back-up, would not solve the problem. “It happened a number of times,” Haas shares his experience, “that I wanted to use the back-up but it had already been rendered useless by the sweat.”

Looking for a solution, Haas came across the watertight lavalier microphones from Voice Technologies and immediately reached out. The result of this cooperation is the VT106HOF: A watertight miniature microphone with cardioid directivity for ideal feedback suppression and a pronounced proximity effect. Sweat induced malfunctions are a thing of the past at Hof theatre now. Due to the possibility to configure the VT106HOF with LEMO or Sony connectors, optimal connectivity with existing gear is ensured.

By employing a cardioid polar pattern, the Voice Technologies VT106HOF perfectly focusses the pick-up area on the performer, suppressing noise, feedback and crosstalk from other performers on stage. The electret condenser microphone captures every nuance of the significant frequency range for speech and slightly pronounces the vocal presence to ensure maximum intelligibility. Christoph Haas praises the microphone’s modern, present sound and its “wonderful” proximity effect. The low self noise of only 26 dB(A) ensures the uncompromised transmission of even the quietest sections of a performance. Through these qualities, the VT106HOF is capable of capturing the whole scope of a performer’s acting in pristine sound quality.

The exceptional resistance of the VT106HOF is largely due to the elaborate injection moulding process used in its manufacturing. The unique protection against the intrusion of water is not the only benefit of the design. The VT106HOF is manufactured to the highest standards and thus achieves a particularly long lifespan, rendering frequent renewing of equipment unnecessary.

With applications in theatre performances and musicals in particular in mind, Voice Technologies developed a special rubber mount for the VT106HOF. The “Rubber Face Mound” RFM is attached directly to the performer’s face, holding the microphone in perfect position … a perfect mix of unobtrusive mounting and optimal sound performance.